The King Plays – Vikings Get Money’s Worth

In an amazing turn of events, there was a Brett Favre sighting on a football field, rather than behind a microphone.

In tonight’s game in which the non-existent Kansas City “Chiefs” (maybe they meant to say “Chefs”?) defense made Tarvaris Jackson (12 of 15, 202 yds., 80%, 158.3 QB rating) and John David Booty (6 of 8, 61 yds., 75%, 96.4 QB rating) look like Hall-of-Famers, the King of Interceptions barely escaped with his life, having completed a single pass and a 39.6 QB rating to go along with a 25% completion percentage.

I know exhibition stats don’t count, but as of now, the King is getting more money per pass completion then Jason Schmidt got from the Dodgers per start ($12 mil per completion, $4.7 mil per start).

After a thorough perusal of the team’s schedule, it would appear that the King chose Minnesota because is seems every rancid defense in the NFL is on the Vikings schedule. In fact, their first five games feature those defensive stalwarts Cleveland, Detroit, and St. Louis. Granted, they do play Green Bay in game four, so the King may not be around for number five in St. Louis.

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