Interesting Developments in Met-Land

Very interesting happenings with that other NY team.

When Billy Wagner had Tommy John surgery near the end of last year, two things seemed pretty clear: He would not pitch in 2009 and he would never again pitch for the Mets, if he ever did return to baseball.

Well, the 38-year-old Wagner has made a super-quick recovery, and as of yesterday, was back on the Mets’ active roster, and appeared in the Mets’ game against the Braves, pitching a shutout inning with two strikeouts. The Mets had previously said, after paying almost the full $10.5 million that Wagner had due for 2009 under his $43 million deal that began with the 2006 season, that they would not pick up his $8 million option for 2010 (they have a $1 million buyout available.) So, if he CAN still pitch, he is likely trade-bait, and it looks like Tampa Bay is the front-runner in the Wagner sweepstakes.

Also, in the past couple of days, the Mets’ love affair with the biggest jerk to play in the major leagues in the past three or four decades, gary sheffield, has now ended. He has worn out his welcome with team number eight. Reports (rumors?) are that he has threatened to walk out on the team. (Typical sheffield behavior.) The Mets can easily retain their fourth-place spot through the rest of the season without him.

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