The King of Interceptions Signs with Vikings, Hopes Arm Doesn’t Fall Off

The Circus in Minnesota hit new highs today, with the King of Interceptions’ arrival, televised “motorcade”, coronation, and press conference.

I was tempted to title this post “Daring daylight theft of $12 Million from unsuspecting billionaire team owner”, but I’m reasonably sure that Zygi Wilf was a willing participant in this particular million dollar mugging.

The King is in perfect physical shape for the new season, as reported in Yahoo Sports by Jason Cole. In today’s article Specialist assured Favre that shoulder is ‘OK’, Cole discusses the fact that the surgery B.F. had a few months ago included the repair of a rotator cuff tear, a surgery that has seen limited success over several decades now, when performed on people who throw a sphere for a living. Cole quotes agent Bus Cole with these overly reassuring words from surgeon James Andrews: “He can’t promise that it won’t get worse, but Dr. Andrews basically said it should be OK to get through the season.”

Get through the season? Ok to Get Through the Season? For $12 Million dollars!

My only solace: Should the Vikings be Ed Roski’s team of choice and be playing the 2012 season in the City of Industry Stadium, the King really should have heaved his final interception into the arms of a sleepwalking defender a couple of seasons earlier.

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