Enough of Favre, Already!

Yes. No. Yes. No.

Shaddup, already!

The Minnesota Vikings have a great defense, and one of the top running games in the league. Their single big question mark is where it has been for several years now, at quarterack. They had an offseasonto to address the void, and their one actual move was picking up vereran back-up Sage Rosenfels, who, at times during his career, has shown the ability to be a number one guy. Their romance with the King of Interceptions, one B. Favre, has been a painful romance novel for Viking fans, and a major distraction for the majority of basically sane football fans around the country.

Favre’s love affair with himself, wherein he has tried to keep the Vikings and the press at his beck-and-call for months, with his “Yes. No. Yes. No.” diatribe, and “I’ll decide tomorrow” mantra, appeared to finally be over a couple of weeks ago, when he said he would not play again. Now, the deceitful jerk, as reported by Fox and ESPN, has again “changed” his mind, and according to reports, will shortly be in Viking garb.

The play-out of the Vikings’ childish crush is as sickening to watch as are Favre’s self-centered, immature antics, and they probably deserve each other.

Get this over with already. Give the ball to Sage.

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