Snoop Dogg and the Dodgers – Say It Ain’t So!

This past March, I wrote a lengthy post on theHoundDawg Blog entitled “Snoop Dogg and Farrakhan”, describing the rise of Snoop Dogg as a cultural icon despite his sociopathic history and his association with Louis Farrakhan.

Now, the Dodgers have chosen to use Dogg in the marketing of their new “Ticket Truck” campaign. Following is a comment I left on the Dodgers’ official website, folowing the article announcing this campaign:

The Dodgers now have their own Michael Vick – a man who spent several years in prison, has had numerous drug and firearm related arrests, has been on trial as an accomplice to murder, has been sued for allowing (or ordering?) his “crew” to assault a fan, and who has been a driving force in making obscene, violent, and misogynistic lyrics a mainstay of popular music, and worse yet, who has admitted his membership in the Nation of Islam and of his fervent support for the most miserable, disgusting anti-Semite on the American scene, Louis Farrakhan, who, during a lifetime spewing lies and hatred, was quoted in the New York Times as calling Judaism a “gutter religion”, and who in a 1984 speech broadcast on a Chicago radio station stated unequivocally that “Hitler was a very great man”. Jamie McCourt, as Dodger CEO and as an active member in the Jewish community, you should be ashamed of yourself in associating the Dodgers with Snoop Dogg.

There is not much more that I can say about my disgust with this situation, other than how much I resent his soiling of the noble “Dogg” ["Dawg"] name.

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