Jason Who II and a Four Game Streak

Well, after a very shaky first inning, Jason Schmidt gave a decent impression of a major league pitcher for another four innings last night, and tonight Randy Wolf got the run support missing from his starts most of the season, and suddenly the Dodgers have a four game winning streak and have their best overall record in 19 seasons.

The one downside of the Dodgers’ great overall performance tonight was the hand injury Manny suffered when hit by a Homer Bailey pitch, but as they say, x-rays were negative and he’s day-to-day.

In three games today and tonight, Los Angeles averaged 10 runs per game, with the Dodgers scoring 12 against the Reds, and the Angels taking two from KC, 8-5 and 10-2. The Angels are 5-1 since the break, and are weathering the losses of Vlad and Torri Hunter quite well, thanks in large part to the schedule maker, loading them up with KC, Oakland, and Cleveland while 2/3rds of the outfield is healing.

Injuries are affecting the current complexion of the AL East, with TIm Wakefield joining Dice-K Matsuzaka on the Boston DL, and the Red Sox falling into second, with a four game losing streak, despite the return of Jed Lowrie. The current success of the NY Yankee scumstripes not withstanding, I’m sticking with my pre-season picks that two playoff teams will come out of the AL East and neither will be from NY. With a healthier Scott Kazmir and a new ace in Jeff Niemann, Tampa will finish the season in second, behind Boston.

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