Jason Who?

On December 6, 2006, Dodger starting pitching woes were forever resolved, with the signing of Jason Schmidt to a three-year contract, at the bargain basement price tag of $47 Million, a mere $15.5 to $16 mil per season.

What a deal! As of today, Schmidt has cost the Dodgers a mere $47 Million PER VICTORY.

That’s right, fans, in case you forget. In two-and-one-half years, he has produced exactly ONE WIN for the Dodgers.

He makes his return to the Dodgers’ rotation tonight, having not pitched in the majors in two years plus a month, and with a lifetime Dodger record of six appearances, a 1-4 won-lost record, and a 6.31 ERA.

Not to say that the Dodgers cannot use a new, live arm on the staff, especially in the rotation now that Eric Milton’s comeback has been derailed by back surgery. But, realistically, what are the chances that Schmidt can even be competitive, let alone be good enough to improve upon Jeff Weaver or Eric Stults?

And, Weaver and Stults are not getting paid $7.83 Million per start.

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