Life, Liberty, and the Enjoyment of Baseball, and Restrooms, Too

A little more than two years ago, before the beginning of theHoundDawgSportblog, I wrote in another forum about the following:

The NY Yankees, in their efforts to force patriotism on their fans, not only do not allow fans to leave their seats during the playing of the National Anthem before games and during the playing of God Bless America during the 7th-inning strech, but they go so far as to put up chains, preventing fans from moving about. No bathroon visits, no trips to concession stands, no going home. The scariest part of this, is that it is a policy carried out by a billionaire owner with a captive audience of lemmings who see nothing wrong with this absurd conduct, restricting the rights of the paying fan.

Well, that all ended today, thanks to a Boston Red Sox fan, who, after being forcibly removed from Yankee stadium by uniformed NYPD cops for daring to try to use the restroom during the playing of God Bless America, settled a lawsuit he had filed in Federal Court, against the Yankees and the City of New York.

As part of the settlement, with the Yankees and
the City of New York agreeing that they could not, and would no longer, prevent fans from leaving their seats during God Bless America, the Red Sox fan received $10,000 in damages and $12,000 in legal fees. News reports note that the City of New York settled with the fan, due to him being physically removed from the stadium by two uniformed NYPD cops, one of whom who also said to him “Get out of my country.”

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