Timmie Out – sc to Search Prisons for New Coach

Illegal recruiting, payoffs to student-athletes, and the flaunting of assorted additional NCAA rules all suffered a severe blow, when mike garrett on behalf of the criminal enterprise that calls itself the sc brain surgeon athletic department accepted the resignation of basketball cappo Tim Floyd.

Floyd, who bought and paid for the best basketball team sc has had in years, saw former confidants turn stoolie as outlined here, and with the NCAA, not to mention the FBI, IRS and other assorted governmental agencies, closing in, with his top talent from last year all running away as fast as they can, and with his top three recruits all bailing, decided that maybe summer back in Hattiesburg may not be such a bad idea. (Does Iowa have extradition to the US?)

With the likelihood of serious sanctions being imposed on the basketball program, which is already now in shambles, the fear that the basketball team will be the scapegoat is even more certain. floyd and his program are the Red Cross, March of Dimes, and United Way all rolled together when compared to the outrageous conduct of the football program run by the senior cappo, petey boy.

NCAA: Garrett is throwing floyd and basketball to the wolves to save football. Don’t let that happen. The outrageous activities of the carroll years cannot be covered up any longer, and the lengthy investigation we hope and pray is continuing, must result in appropriate sanctions.

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  1. theHoundDawg says:

    Comment June 11, 2009, 9:35:46 AM PDT retrieved from original blog:

    ucla fans vote ever popular steve lavin as timmuh successor-see brain dohn blog

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