Sports Meets Real Life Head-On

Its been a tough few days for sports fans to remain in their fantasy bubble, keeping the realities of “real” life out of the toy department. In the past three days, 44 year old former NBA star Wayman Tisdale died, ex-Charger QB, first round pick, Div. II assistant coach, and all-time bust Ryan Leaf was arrested on drug and burglary charges, golfer Phil Mickelson left the PGA tour upon learning that his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, the 39-year-old wife of Arizona Diamondback lefty and former Angel Scott Schoeneweis was found dead by her 14-year-old daughter, and today the airwaves were full of discussions about a second chance for the scum-of-the-earth Michael Vick, who is scheduled to be released from prison tomorrow.

Words cannot described the tragedy of the deaths of people like Tisdale and Gabriella Schoeneweis, nor the ordeal that Phil and Amy Mickelson and their family will now have to endure. But as to the other two events, the track record of Leaf was pretty strong evidence that his so-called rehabilitation and re-entry into civilized society would be short-lived, and his return to his prior lifestyle could be readily anticipated, and as far as Vick is concerned, well…..

That miserable scum should never play another down in the NFL and should never collect another red cent from any pro football owner. On the field, he was the most over-rated performer in the modern history of sports, and off the field one of the true evil, vile, disgusting excuses for a human being to ever enjoy the fruits of an over-paid, over-rated athletic career. It is disgusting to hear commentators, such as former coach Herman Edwards, fawning over Vick, and anticipating which team will win a sweepstakes for the right to pay him to return to football.

Well, hopefully the next few days, with the NBA playoffs and MLB interleague play, will see a return to on-flied excitement and no more off-the-field stories at the top of the sports news.

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