The New Pauley Pavilion – c. 2012

Well, after years of rumors, a massive Pauley Pavalion renovation plan is official, to the tune of $185 Million in improvements, upgrades, and innovations. The anticipated result is a lavish palace befitting the NCAA’s greatest basketball dynasty, and substantial additional costs to ticket holders.

Years of anticipation, however, will now be followed by years of construction, as completion is now projected for Fall, 2012, and will require Bruiin road games only, for at least one season. They are not, of course, calling them road games, but what else would you consider UCLA games played in the Honda Ponda of Anaheim, Staples Center, the formerly Fabulous Forum, and who knows what other Socal venue that may be called into service to house the Bruins.

All of the gritty details, and lots and lots of glitz, can be seen on a website built to promote fundraising, Campaign of Champions. How better to greet potential donors, than a home page video featuring John Wooden? All of the details, and plenty of graphics, are there to peruse.

What is more important, though, is the impact of the renovation, and the cost thereof, on long-time season ticket holders, such as theHoundDawg, and ticket-seekers in general. It is a fact to deal with, that big donors will be rewarded with the best seat locations, pushing the rest of us further back. And, in order to keep even those seats, not only will ticket prices rise, as they have done yearly anyway, but we will also be required to fork over substantial payments – personal seat licenses or what ever they may be called – for the right to spend thousands of dollars for the actual tickets.

Antiquated Pauley needs a renovation, but the powers that be need to realize that the average fans, primarily Bruin alumni, are the backbone of Bruin support, and if they price us out of the new Pauley, support of and interest in Bruin basketball could be irrevocably damaged.

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