Caught With The Goods: FBI, IRS and U.S. Attorney Have Evidence of Tim Floyd Cash Payoff

As reported by Yahoo Sports late this afternoon, the sc brain surgeon’s jig is about up, with evidence that head basketball coach Tim Floyd made a direct cash payment of $1,000 to Rodney Guillory, the “runner” who allegedly lavished former brain surgeon guard OJ Mayo with all those fancy accoutrements that decorated his dorm room.

Former Mayo confident Louis Johnson has told FBI, IRS. U.S. Attorney, and NCAA investigators, all about the payment, a small part of the $30,000 or so in illegal benefits paid to Mayo during his short trojan tenure.

Again, local media, protecting sc at all costs, has failed miserably, and it’s Yahoo Sports that is reporting what scant info there has been about the now three-year-old investigations of sc basketball and football violations. Their report comes only a few days after Johnson gave his account to the NCAA, but almost a full year since he spilled his guts to the federal investigators.

One bad thought, however, permeates the “flow” of information about the sc basketball program: Are things being set up for the basketball program to take the fall, with the outrageous criminal enterprise that is the sc football program, getting off with a slap on the wrist?

And Floyd had believed that losing Renardo Sidney, whom he thought he had bought and paid for, was the low point of the off-season.

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2 Responses to Caught With The Goods: FBI, IRS and U.S. Attorney Have Evidence of Tim Floyd Cash Payoff

  1. theHoundDawg says:

    Comment May 14, 2009, 3:18:09 PM PDT retrieved from original blog:

    runner was actually johnson, not guillory

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