Bob Melvin – 2007 Manager of the Year is Now Arizona Scapegoat

In 2007, the season before last, the Arizona Diamondbacks had the NL’s best record, and manager Bob Melvin was Manager of the Year. Now, with the team off to a 12-17 start, behind the stellar hitting of Chad Tracy (.221), Stephen Drew (.205), Chris Snyder (.204), Conor Jackson (.191), Chris Young .177), and Eric Byrnes (.139), and a team batting average of .222, plus the loss of ace starter Brandon Webb, on the DL with an era of 13.50, he no longer knows how to manage.

He brought the team back from oblivion in his first season as the Diamondbacks’ manager, leading a 51-111 2004 team to 77 wins in 2005. His 2007 team won with mirrors, and Melvin’s rare managerial talent, compiling a 90-72 record, despite being outscored for the season, by 20 runs.

GM Josh Byrnes and owners Ken Kendrick, Paul Schloss, and Jason Ellis should be ashamed of themselves. Melvin’s replacement, former catcher A.J. Hinch, has zero managerial experience anywhere. Learning on the job, a team batting average of .222, and a disabled list loaded with key players, makes for a long season for Hinch and, unfortunately, for the D’Back fans.

All I can say is that what certainly seemed to be no worse than the second most talented team in the NL west is now no longer a threat to overtake the Manny-less Dodgers.

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