How Does Mario Solis Keep His Job?

Among the great sports announcers we’ve had in LA over the years, from the play-by-play superstars like Vin Scully, Chick Hearn, Bill King, and Ralph Lawler, and the reporting stars, like Jim Healy, Dick Enberg, and Fred Roggin, there have been quite a few incompetents, most of whom have come and gone rather quickly. However, for some mysterious reason, the totally inept Mario Solis goes on and on in his job at KNBC.

His lack of knowledge of virtually every major sport is more than evident in each of his broadcasts, but the worst parts of his segments are the regular mispronouncements of the names of athletes and others. Sure, there are the occasional foreign or especially difficult names that any announcer may occasionally mispronounce. But, with Solis, it is more often than not either the name of a local player, or an easy name of another athlete in the news.

Last night, for example, on his broadcast on the late news on Channel 4, KNBC, within about a minute, he made not one, but two egregious errors. First, he totally butchered his pronunciation of long-time Dodger and current Seattle Mariner third baseman, Adrian Beltre, and then, in describing the Dodger-Rockie game, he called Rockie infielder Clint Barmes, Clint Barnes. Not only that, but in the repeat of that same broadcast aired early this morning, he cleaned up the audio tape so that his mispronouncement of Adrian Beltre sounded not nearly so bad, but having no clue about anything to do with seven-year major league veteran player Clint Barmes (pronounced Bar-Mess), he left that as it was.

My local news channel of choice is Channel 4. I really like the late news with Paul Moyer (recently retired after decades in LA news), Colleen Williams, and now Chuck Henry, but I dread the days Fred Roggin is off.

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