While We Were Away, Part 1

After being away from SoCal, and much of the sports world, for almost nine days, some random thoughts:

The Angel pitching woes just keep getting worse. Since April 14, they have now also lost Dustin Moseley, Darren Oliver, and Kevin Jepsen; Brian Fuentes, Scott Shields and Jose Arredondo have ERAs of 13.50, 14.40, and 7.20, respectively, and tonight they are starting Matt Palmer, whose Triple-A ERA this season was approaching 12. Paul Byrd, Pedro Martinez, and maybe the late Art Fowler, are you busy at the moment?

Manny is heating up, and the Dodgers are still in first place, despite one reliable starting pitcher. As I’m writing this, Chad Billingsley is on his way to becoming the first pitcher to reach 4-0.

I saw a game at SAFECO Field in Seattle, and it’s a great place to watch a game. Friendly, really helpful staff, great food, and wonderful site lines, seating, and other accutremonts make it one of the best ballparks I’ve been to. As an aside, as I saw Mike Sweeney go 3-for-3, I commented to one of the people I was with what a great hitter he could have been if not for so many debilitating injuries the past few years. Then I saw that he got injured yet again the next night.

The scumstripes are feeling the pressure from so many empty premium seats, and, according to Yahoo Sports are considering lowering their pricing from the obsene $2625 price tags they have been trying to extort from the rich and famous. If they don’t improve attendance, and revenue, it would be real nice if the scumstripes have their new house that greed built forclosed.

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  1. theHoundDawg says:

    Comment April 24, 2009, 6:17:13 PM PDT retrieved from original blog:

    this sweeney got foul tipped in the sack while catching for the kc royals in a game at the stadium…he went done for 1/2 hr…

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