It’s About Time that the NCAA Gets Going on SC Crime Wave

The LA Times reported this morning that finally there is some activity in the NCAA investigations of the shameful culture of the flaunting of NCAA rules throughout the sc athletic department. The article states that the two major investigations – those of the bush football crimes and of the mayo basketball evils – have been combined into a single investigation.

This bodes well, as, first, it does show that the investigations are not lying dormant, but that there is activity on-going, and second, that the investigation involves the athletic department’s lack of oversight as a whole, not just the failures of two sports programs.

For those with a short memory, you can find many of the details of the flagrant rule-breaking in the bush and mayo cases in some of my older “Crime” posts, especially that of Dec. 14, 2008.

Get this wrapped up, NCAA, so that bush’s ill-gotten Heisman is taken away, so that sc’s equally ill-gotten football championship is stripped, and give this evil, evil group of miscreants, who pay for a golden image as well as athletic success, their well-deserved sports death penalty.

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  1. theHoundDawg says:

    Comment April 12, 2009, 8:59:42 PM PDT retrieved from original blog:

    another school of thought is that consolidation means that for purposes of penalties, the punishing body will regard any violations as one single course of conduct=1 act, exactly what defense attys in work comp always argue, while applicant attys argue separate violations.rumours already exist that sc will get 1 violation and throw basketball under the bus, thus whitewashing the sacred cow, er pigskin

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