Bye-Bye, Timmie

On this great day in SoCal for college sports, we celebrate the apparent run across the California-Arizona border by the usc brain surgeon’s slimeball t floyd. May he continue his questionable recruiting, blind-eye to supporter and agent payoffs, and on-court thug mentality in SoAz.

I’m sure Arizona students, alumni, and supporters are just itching to see who will be the Wildcat’s version of Leonard Washington, assaulting opposing players on the court with reckless abandon, and who will furnish his dorm with the best and biggest entertainment center agents’ money can buy, besting even the pro complex oj mayo flaunted in front of the sc coaching staff. Oh, and will floyd’s hooks carry along Renardo Sidney, or will he just find some other 300 pound pay-me-and-my-family NOW rent-a-stud in time for his first season in the desert?

So many questions to answer before next fall.

One other question: Does his getting out of town perhaps signal that the NCAA is finally getting something done on their multiple brain surgeons investigations?

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