Thoughts the Day Before Selection Day

A lot of good to excellent teams are limping into the NCAA tournament, having suffered unexpected defeats in their conference tournaments. In a major upset in the ACC, Florida State today defeated Number One North Carolina, in the Big-10, Michigan St., hoping for a number one tourney seed, lost to Ohio State, and in the SEC, No. 20 LSU lost to Mississippi State.

Yesterday, No. 25 BYU lost to bubble team San Diego St., Baylor defeated Texas, and Arizona State reached today’s ill-fated Pac-10 final game by outplaying Pac-10 regular season champion Washington.

The Pacific-10 has been a total disaster, with the top four teams, Washington, UCLA, Arizona State, and California, all going down, and to clearly inferior, but over-achieving, teams.

A couple of teams winning tough, close games leading up to the tournament, may be poised to do better than expected a few weeks ago, These include Duke, who goes into the ACC final game with hard-fought wins over BC and Maryland, the aforementioned Ohio State, and up-and-down Tennessee, who will be playing for the SEC Tourney title against Mississippi State.

After more reflection, UCLA will most likely win no more than one Tournament game; maybe two.

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