SHAME at Staples

In 2006, UCLA lost the NCAA Tournament final by 24 points, and in 2007 they lost the semi-final by 10, both times to great, great Florida teams. Last year, they lost the semi-final to an excellent Memphis Tiger team. Embarrassing losses all, but nothing as out right disgusting as losing tonight’s Pac-10 tourney semifinal to a horrible group of brain surgeons, who should not have been allowed on the same court as the Bruins.

Coached by a deceitful, rule-breaking jerk, somehow the usc band of criminals ran away with a game UCLA should have breezed through.

This was Ben Howland’s worst game ever as UCLA coach, letting his talented, previously defense-oriented squad self-destruct, throwing any semblance of coaching out the window, while firing up misguided shot after shot, with no teamwork, no “plays”, no conscience. They shot an unbelievable 27% (19 of 70)! The brain surgeons did not win this game – UCLA gave it away.

My thoughts the past few weeks were that the Bruins might get to the Elite Eight in the NCAA tournament. With miserable play like this, they will be lucky to escape that first weekend and get to the Sweet Sixteen, especially as their seeding took a major nosedive tonight.

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