Best Joke of the NFL Off-Season: Kurt Warner in the Hall of Fame

During the oh-so-painfull to observe Kurt Warner contract negotiations of the past few weeks, I have been dumbfounded by hearing more than one commentator say that “Kurt Warner is a future Hall-of-Famer”.


Here’s a guy that has spent more than a decade in the NFL, and who has had four really good seasons. Four out of Ten. As a starting QB in the NFL, more than half the time his performance can barely be labeled mediocre. More like pathetic. In the four good seasons, his teams’ total won-lost record has been 44-15. But, for the rest of his career, his teams’ record with Warner as the starting QB stand at 13-29. THIRTEEN WINS AND TWENTY-NINE LOSSES. Over Six seasons.

He lost his job with St. Louis, he couldn’t compete in New York, and he was handed back the starting job in Arizona when the Cardinals realized they drafted an oozing pile of brain surgeon goo in matt leinart. Granted, he played extraordinarily well for them, but, that was good season number four, out of TEN.

In some of those other years, Warmer compiled QB ratings in the 60s, 70s, and into the 80s, and had TD/Interception ratios the likes of 3-to-11, 6-to-5, and 11-to-9.

Maybe four fabulous seasons could possibly put a player into Hall of Fame consideration, if those composed pretty much his career, and if something monumental prevented the player from staying around, like a career-ending injury or death. But when what there is is an up-and-down career with high highs and even more frequent and lower lows, that guy shouldn’t be allowed to polish the brass handles on the Hall-of-Fame door.

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