Why Have Announcers if They Ignore the Game?

In watching the UCLA/Oregon State game this evening, I was appalled by the announcing.

I’ve come to expect that while action is going on on the court, the FOX Sports West Prime Ticket Blah Blah Blah Regional Sports Network Cable System Blah Blah cameras will be showing close-ups of players on the bench, coaches, and fans, instead of focusing on the court. But maybe even worse, during the first half of tonight’s game, there were stretches of play, including one that had to go on for a good five minutes, where announcers Bill Macdonald and Don MacLean went on and on about the Oregon State team, coach Robinson, their new offense, their recent success, and more, TOTALLY IGNORING WHAT WAS HAPPENING ON THE COURT.

There was also a long segment of hype for the UCLA woman’s gymnastic team, all the while the game was being played, with absolutely no mention of what was happening by anyone supposedly hired to ANNOUNCE the game to the viewers.

When the announcers actually returned to the GAME, there was virtually no recap of what was missed.

Let me add that this all occurred before UCLA took their commanding lead, and while the score was close.

Why bother to employ announcers when they cannot be bothered to actually pay attention to, and describe, THE GAME?

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3 Responses to Why Have Announcers if They Ignore the Game?

  1. theHoundDawg says:

    Comment March 7, 2009, 6:34:33 PM PST retrieved from original blog:

    surely, to expect anything other than cloying, narcissistic trivializing stench out of the hole of bill (homo) macdonald is naive..at one point during the game, the camera focused on useless Keefe, lauding him on winning the macleaner award at the same moment he drew a technical for being the (brain dead) 6th man on the court…not once did i hear homo name the osu players in the game, preferring to rattle on in his shtick- filled mediocrity…suggestion: do what i do when his smelly face/voice ist appear: turn off the sound…
    PS if you don’t think the problem is bigger than this game, check out your other announcers on ucla sports–need i mention chris blowfish roberts

  2. theHoundDawg says:

    Comment March 7, 2009, 7:14:57 PM PST retrieved from original blog:

    I did not intend for it to seem as though MacDonald and McLean are the only two announcers guilty of this course of conduct. It is pervasive in the industry. It was just that these two, during this game, were so “spaced out” in their own world, totally ignoring the GAME, that I had to comment.

    Perhaps even worse than announcers ignoring the game is something else I eluded to: TV cameras on spectators, coaches, the bench, or even close-ups of players, while THE BALL IS IN PLAY, missing part of the game.

  3. theHoundDawg says:

    Comment March 7, 2009, 9:46:44 PM PST retrieved from original blog:


    you are totally correct… also, unless my eyes deceived me believe this drugged up production crew put up a graphic with the asu-stfd final; they got the score right and gave asu the 74. the 74 belonged to stfd..i almost didnt watch my tape of that game thanks to that atrocious misprint. it is no coincidence that “homomac” was close by. anything his affected bug-faced countenance comes close to stinks…as my patron saint oscar levant once said of hollywood-”underneath all the phony tinsel is the real tinsel”

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