nim-rod to Have Surgery – Will His “Cousin” Do It?

Word this morning is that nim-rod’s hip (read “ass”) is sore and he needs surgery and will miss at least the next ten weeks, which will include at least the WBC, the rest of the grueling spring training schedule, and hopefully much of the season.

‘Roid medicos have said that a cyst like this is consistent with all those “roid” injections in the ass. Will his cousin actually do the surgery, like he did the injections, or will he just bring in the scalpels and band-aids, fresh off the streets of Santo Domingo?

Since I wrote about being unable to enjoy spring training, this is the second uplifting story to develop.

This video could have been shot in the scumstripes’, or or the Giants’, clubhouse:

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One Response to nim-rod to Have Surgery – Will His “Cousin” Do It?

  1. theHoundDawg says:

    Comment March 7, 2009, 6:42:01 PM PST retrieved from original blog:

    ASS? you bring back memories of carl “cheeks” pavano…
    ps every single hip specialist md in the ny daily news, including 1 from mt sinai and 1 from hosp for special surgery (both of which yours truly has personally inspected) insist the injury is NOT steroid related…does this really help the yanks? there goes the violation of the morals/conduct clause as a way to send nimroid’s sorry ASS to the side of the road

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