Where IS the Local Sports Media – How About Doing Some Investgative Reporting?

It’s been more than a week since the brain surgeons snatched Renardo Sidney from the Bruins, and the brilliant investigative reporters of the Los Angeles media have yet to utter a word as to what really happened. Within a day or so, his “commitment’ to UCLA was vanquished, and he orally announced his intentions to attend that other school. Something major happened, most likely something below-board, with rumors being rampant in the air, but not in the media.

When will local sports reporters step up and investigate and report on these types of stories?

The local media has totally ignored the NCAA investigations of the brain surgeons football and basketball programs, and were it not for Yahoo Sports and the likes of Charles Robinson, Jason Cole, and Josh Peter, we would never have known about all of the rules violations and illegal activity involving reggie bush, not to mention the pay-off in the civil lawsuit stemming from the hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal benefits he and his family received while at sc, and also the outrageous conduct of oj mayo under the noses of sc’s basketball staff.

Yet another story is going unnoticed by the local sports media, and apparently by both sc basketball fans, as the brain surgeons have removed their basketball games from television coverage. Their Cal game Thursday, today’s game at Stanford, and also both of next weeks final Pac-10 regular season games have been taken off their TV schedule. Why? Rumors fly, even including the one that has sc knowing they are facing significant NCAA sanctions and are trying to appease the gods and retroactively ban themselves from TV exposure.

Why are not any LA Times sports reporters, anyone at the Daily News, or any local TV or radio reporters reporting on these stories?

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  1. theHoundDawg says:

    Comment March 1, 2009, 2:50:07 PM PST retrieved from original blog:

    in the classic 1960′s noir film ‘sweet smell of success” a thinly veiled expose that finished the career of walter winchell, the journalist did the bidding of press agents…for a hefty price…in la sports, so called journalists are nothing more than extnesions of SIDs,press agent equivalents…they don’t do their duty or serve their consitituents, the readers. they wink at them. eg weanie farnham on the sidney affair. why do their careers continue? what do they get from the SIDs, schools be it ucla or sc in return? the issue is more fundamentalthan ucla good,sc bad

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