Clippers Find a Bandaid or Two – Win a Game

All it took was a bandaid and a couple of ice packs, and the Clippers won a game.

Actually, after weeks of suffering with the heart of the team on the sideline, today meant the return of Zack Randolph, on the heels of the recent returns of Marcus Camby and Baron Davis. Tonight also marked the first contribution of the season from the underachieving and also sometimes-injured Ricky Davis.

The result was a 21-point win, something seldom seen in Clipperland this season (or last, etc.).

If Chris Kaman can find his way to a return to action, the Clippers could field a representative team for the rest of the season. Don’t get me wrong, at 11-39, they’re not gong to make the playoffs, but with this group of front-line players healthy, plus the talent of Eric Gordon and Al Thornton, and the recently discovered Steve Novak, they can compete with most of the NBA’s teams, and if this group can stay together, unlike Clipper teams of the past, they could well be a playoff contender next season.

Final Clipper note: In tonight’s win against Memphis, the Clippers set a franchise record with 16 three-pointers, shooting 55% from outside the line.

Non-Clipper note: Speaking of injuries, Milwaukee has almost equaled the Clippers in that department, having now lost 60% of their starting five for extended periods. First it was two-guard Michael Redd with tears to the ACL and MCL, then Luke Ridnour broke a thumb, and now Andrew Bogut’s lingering back pain has been diagnosed as a stress fracture, and he’ll miss several weeks as well.

I don’t remember a spate of major injuries in the NBA like what has occurred over the past three-four weeks.

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