Citi Has Better Ways to Use Its Money – Say Goodbye to Mets’ Ballpark

Way back when, like last year, when banks ruled the world, Citibank decided to commit $400 Million to put their logo atop the new ballpark that would be home to the Mets. Since that commitment by their over-paid, under-ethiced leadership, their stock has tanked, they have had net losses of $28.5 billion, they’ve announced layoffs of 53,000 employees, and they gladly accepted $45 billion in federal bailout aid.

It’s time to pull the plug on this, and other such naming-rights deals, by corporations that can’t maintain their primary business in a stable, profitable fashion, and certainly by corporations that accept Federal aid.

Use that $400 Million to keep a few of those 53,000 employees working, to keep a few thousand hard-working American taxpayers enduring hard financial times in their homes, and to lower those 25% credit card interest rates and $39 late fee charges.

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