Nicanor Set to Carry On Barbaro’s Legacy

Thursday will be two years since Barbaro lost his lengthy battle to survive the horrendous injuries he suffered in the 2006 Preakness. Seldom in history had so much of the country been so taken, so horrified, so saddened, by an injury and the subsequent death of a non-human.

The legacy has not ended, however, as possibly just two days later, the long awaited debut race of Barbaro’s full brother Nicanor will finally take place. It appears that Nicanor will race either this Saturday or the following Saturday at Gulfstream Park, in his long-awaited first race.

The 3-year-old bay colt has weighty horse-shoes to fill, and while his bloodline will increase speculation as to his potential success, just to see him on the track, following in his brother’s spotlight, will be a wonderful spectacle to embrace.

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