National Championship – A Final Few Words

It will be a lot harder for the brain surgeons to get away with claiming yet another phony National Championship this year, now that neither the writers in the AP poll nor the coaches in the USA Today poll consider them number one.

It doesn’t take much for the brain surgeons to claim a phony title, as they have done at least twice in the past few years, but this year they ended number three in the AP poll, behind BCS Champion Florida, and real champion Utah, garnering only one first-place vote, and second in the coaches poll, but getting zero number one votes.

Mr. Ego, p carroll, in this morning’s LA Times, though, says his team’s the best and would beat Florida or Oklahoma: “‘I don’t think you know who the best team is,’ Carroll said late Thursday night. ‘You just know which team got the most votes.’” (USC finishes second in final coaches’ poll, third in AP).

pete, the system played itself out, the voters have spoken. Give it a rest.

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