Injury Redux – The Clipper Rx Express

After writing about how three injuries could hurt the great Laker season, a few words also seem apropos regarding the fact that the Clippers had been playing much better until they were hit with what seems like an annual blitz of injuries.

Not long after the trade for Zach Randolph, and what seemed like a new Clipper attitude, and a few victories, Randolph went down with a knee injury, joining Ricky Davis and Chris Kaman on the shelf. Then Baron Davis was injured again, and clearly, except for rookie Eric Gordon, the players they can put on the court could not compete against their injury list team, let alone the rest of the NBA.

And, it’s hard to understand the recent roster moves made by the front office, i.e. Coach-GM Mike Dunleavy, releasing the capable Paul Davis, and acquiring Cheikh Samb, who now paired with DeAndre Jordan, gives the Clippers two 7-foot projects in the middle, and too few heathy NBA-quality bodies to fill out a starting five.

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