Pac Ten Openers

The Bruins had an impressive victory over the Oregon Ducks yesterday. Exactly one month earlier, on Dec. 4, the Bruins lost to Texas, and the commentators were delighted over the “great senior leadership” of Longhorn guard A.J. Abrams. I wondered, where was the “great senior leadership” of the Bruin upperclassmen, especially point guard Darren Collison, who disappeared in the final minutes, just as Abrams took his game up a notch to pull Texas in front for good.

Statistically, Collison is having a great season, and his current foul-shooing streak is more than impressive. But, for the first time since last season, in a meaningful game, Collison stepped up when it counted, played like an All American, and led the Bruins to a win. In addition, Josh Shipp finally found his shot, and had his best game in memory.

The freshman-laden Bruins cannot rely on the youngsters for leadership if they are to win the Pac 10 and get anywhere in the NCAA tournament. Collison and Shipp and the other veterans need to be consistent, clutch when needed, and did I say consistent. The play of Michael Roll of late also has been outstanding – the perpetually-hyped three-point shooter (and as I have long though, underrated overall player) has been playing the best BB of his injury-plagued career, and he too needs to keep it going.

Congrats are also in order for First Brother-In-Law Craig Robinson and his Beavers, for taking it to the brain surgeons, for the first Oregon State Pac-10 win in what seems like decades, but is actually only about a season-and-a-half.

Also of note was Stanford losing decisively to Arizona State after building up an impressive 10-0 record, against a bunch of stiffs.

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