Baseball (read “scumstripes”) Insanity Hurts Only the True Fans

All across the blogosphere and, seemingly, the entire net, scumstripe* fanatics are laying claim to having won the 2009 World Series.

NY Daily News Blogger Jesse Spector, and others, are pulling for more deadsteinbrenner dollars to sign Manny, for added insurance for this inevitability. While you’re at it, Pat Burrell and Adam Dunn are still available, and so is Trevor Hoffman. How about Milton Bradley, and Joe Crede? There’s also Ken Griffy and Jim Edmonds, as well. Just sign everyone out there, and continue your efforts to destroy major league baseball. As the bronx pseudo-brain surgeons (sorry, sc) continue their best efforts to price real fans out of major league stadiums, the rest of mlb, and probably even Scott Boras, sit dumbfounded.

This holiday season, I’m thankful that the Cashmans and Steinbrenners, and the others pulling the scumstripe strings are such incompetents. If anyone with actual baseball knowledge or expertise had that kind of $$$$$ to spend, they would be working on a string of world championships, rather than acting out of desperation to crawl back into the playoffs.

With over 100 free agents still unsigned, two things are for sure: teams will continue to overpay, and overpay considerably, for mediocre talent, and it’s far too early to make any 2009 predictions.

Oh, and by the way, Manny will re-sign with the Dodgers.
*NY Yankee

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