A Quarterback By Any Other Name

Amongst the singular Cleo, Tarvaris, JaMarcus, and Sage, all of a sudden there seems to more NFL quarterbacks named Matt than any other name.

There are currently eight, yes 8, NFL quarterbacks named Matt, including current starters Matt Schaub, now back in good health at Houston, Matt Cassel, Sir Tom’s fill-in at New England, Matt Hasselbeck occasionally actually healthy enough to play at Seattle, and the best rookie qb in years, Matt Ryan at Atlanta. In addition, there are four more backup Matts, Flynn at Green Bay, Gutierrez at New England, Moore at Carolina, and former first round over-rated brain surgeon Leinart, who spends his time on the Phoenix bench writing child support checks.

So, personnel guys, keep your eyes open for Matts around the college scene, and dads-to-be/formerqb-wanna-bes, name your kid Matt.

Dress like a Matt:
Atlanta Falcons #2
Matt Ryan Jersey
Houston Texans #8
Matt Schaub Jersey
Seattle Seahawks #8
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