trogan THUGS II – Rey Maualuga: The Dirtiest Player in College Football

Two years ago, the vicious hit that brain surgeon Rey Maualuga put on UCLA Quarterback Pat Cowan became a staple of TV, internet, and email transmissions, winding its way across the football world time and time again. Part II of that video was produced in today’s UCLA-sc game, by Mr. Maualuga, but this time, its far greater viciousness was far exceeded by its needlessness and illegality. With absolutely no thought for rules, or for the well-being of a fellow human being, Maualuga rammed Bruin qb Kevin Craft helmet-to-helmet, after the qb had gone out-of-bounds, in as outrageous, wicked, and just plain evil a play as I’ve ever seen on a football field, and I had season ticket for the entire 13-year existence of the Los Angeles Raiders.

He was given a personal foul and the bruins were given 15 yards. Craft is very lucky he was not seriously injured. Maualuga should have been kicked out of the game, but of course the trojan conference refs wouldn’t do that to a brain surgeon. Well, now Pacific Ten officials need to review this play, and the only appropriate punishment they can provide is to suspend Maualuga from playing in the Rose Bowl game.

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  1. theHoundDawg says:

    Comment Posted December 7, 2008, 1:26:02 PM PST retrieved from original blog:

    too bad Leonard Washington wasn’t conscripted for the football team, he could have slugged Craft in the nuts

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