Politics Over (Almost) – Back to the NBA

Longtime NBA star Kevin Johnson has been elected Mayor of Sacramento, Ca. This was an interesting race, full of scandal and intrigue. Johnson made headlines with “Luis the Security Guard”, after a long-time city employee was fired for giving Johnson an unauthorized tour of city hall facilities. Johnson had his own problems, however, as his federally funded St. HOPE Academy came under investigation by the US Attorney’s office, due to allegations that students at one or more of the schools run by the Academy, instead of spending their time being educated, were instead gofers for Johnson, running errands, washing his car, etc. That investigation is still pending, but Johnson amassed 57% of the vote, and introduced “Luis the Security Guard” during his acceptance speech, and has promised to re-instate him to a city job.

“Me First Shoot First” Allen Iverson will not be a good fit in Detroit, and he promises to do just as much for the Pistons as he did for Denver. The Nuggets pulled off a real heist in this deal, getting Chauncey Billups and two other bodies, and now look like they can be the “team” they hoped they would become when they traded for Iverson three years ago.

I think I mentioned I thought the Clippers would be improved this season. They might still be, if they only have to play the first half of each game. In their first 4 outings this season, the 0-4 Clippers have been outscored 212 to 142 in the second half. Omit the first game, and that stat is 168 to 93.

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