Dodgers Sweep Seattle While Fifth Starter Spot Percolates

After a three-game sweep of the Seattle Mariners, the Dodgers now prepare for a three game set with the Colorado Rockies, who are off to a great start (7-2) and amazingly, boast the National League’s number one team ERA, at 2.41, which has been a major part of their starting the season with a six-game road winning streak that they will try to extend in the opener at Dodgers’ Stadium against Clayton Kershaw. He will face Kyle Kendrick (1-1, 6.00 ERA), the only Rockies’ starter who has not been dazzling so far this season.

Young starters Tyler Matzek (24), Eddie Butler (24), Jordan Lyles (24), and Christian Bergman (26) have been out of this world, having allowed a total of seven, count them, seven, earned runs between them, over seven starts and 38 innings. Of course, most of that has been on the road and away from cozy Coors field and its high altitude and thin air.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers still are searching for a
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Jackie Robinson Day and More UCLA Bruins in Baseball

Jackie Robinson changed baseball and changed America 68 years ago today, on April 15, 1947 when by playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers, he became the first African-American to play major league baseball. As has been done in each of the past seven seasons, all players on all teams playing on April 15 will wear Jackie’s number 47 uniform number, which was officially retired from use by any new player in baseball in 1997.

Jackie had been a multi-sport star at UCLA, lettering in baseball, basketball, football, and track. In fact, it was said by people who saw him play, that his best sport was tennis. In 1939, he was one of four black player on UCLA's football team, making it the most most integrated team in college football.

92-year-old Rachel Robinson, Jackie's widow (who was also a student at UCLA when they
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Arizona Diamondback Management – Escapees From the Looney Bin, or Just Total Assholes?

I could not believe this when I saw it late this evening: “Diamondbacks Force Dodgers Fan Behind Home Plate To Change”

What kind of crap is this? But, the bigger question is why in the world did the Dodgers’ fan EVER AGREE TO CHANGE? I’d tell those idiots where they could go and where they could shove their team-colored crap.

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Kershaw and Third Base – Tough to Be A Dodger

After starting the season by winning two of three from the NL West’s best team, the San Diego Padres, the Dodgers have now lost two in a row to the league’s worst team, the Diamondbacks of Arizona. What’s worse, after two starts the reigning National League Cy Young winner from 2014, and from 2013 and from 2011, Clayton Kershaw is still winless on the new season, and possesses an ERA of 5.84 and a WHIP of 1.70. He allowed the D’Backs 10 hits tonight, a total he never allowed once throughout all of the 2014 season. Despite not taking the mound in a single game in the month of April last year, his record a

year ago today was still 1-0, with a 1.77 ERA, after his one performance in Australia on March 22, which was followed by six weeks of inactivity due to the rigors of the disastrous trip across the globe to stuff even more the coffers of MLB billionaires.

While his awful start is most likely purely an aberration soon to be followed by a return to form, one does have to wonder about the toll
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Can or Should College Basketball Save Itself?

Or, the better question, should it even try?

College basketball has become a joke and is a disgrace to the college and university system. Semi-pro athletes, taking space from actual students, use institutes of “higher education” as one-year stopping off grounds to prep for their anticipated professional careers, and there is no legal recourse that the schools have to directly stop that, but they could totally revolutionize the system with an end around, and make the NBA pay for player development, rather than getting it for free at the expense of private schools and taxpayers

as far as public schools are concerned.

But that will never happen because it would also mark the end of multi-million dollar broadcasting contracts, thousand dollar season ticket prices, and outrageous seat license fees that today all result in million dollar coach and athletic director salaries, and hundred million dollar on-campus arenas.
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Dodgers in Arizona for Battle of the Andersons

Coming off a better than anticipated start to the season, thanks to Adrian Gonzalez and his record-shattering start, the Dodgers now begin a three game series in Arizona against the dirtiest team in baseball, and their new leader in orchestrated mayhem, manager Chip Hale. The Dodgers’ empty uniform non-manager don mattingly went out of his way to gloss over the events of their last pre-season meeting in which several Dodgers were again hit by pitches from Arizona hurlers, and in which Hale and three others in D’Backs’ uniforms were ejected. The bottom line is, however, that the D’Backs are terrible, and Hale, working under the team’s new leadership team of Tony La Russa and Dave Stewart,

is following in the footsteps of the prior leadership, including former manager Kirk Gibson, with a strategy of distraction. The talentless team they field is itself an embarrassment, but their antics, dangerous and potentially deadly, are far worse, and apparently any hope of a change in direction, let alone a change in ethics or morality, was a pipe dream.

Bleacher Report featured columnist Joel Reuter
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Ex-Padres Blow it For Dodgers as New San Diego Guys Shine

This past off season, the New Look San Diego Padres unloaded a pile of crap on the Dodgers in exchange for Matt Kemp, and then went out and surrounded him with a powerful lineup of talented offensive players. On the other hand, in the Kemp giveaway LA came away with an over-rated catcher and a couple of questionable pitchers. It was apropos that the two teams should start the new season against each other, and while the Dodgers got the upper hand in the opener, things reverted to form in game two last night. Unquestionably one of the league’s stars of the early season and clearly on track to win the National League MVP as I predicted several days ago, is Kemp, who got two hits and drove

in three runs against Clayton Kershaw in the opener, and followed that up yesterday with another hit, a stolen base, and by scoring the first run of the game.

Padres' newcomers Kemp, Derek Norris, Will Middlebrooks, Wll Myers, Justin Upton and Clint Barmes combined to go eight-for-25 (.320) and drive in five runs in the Padres come-from-behind win that was handed to them by the awful
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Will Tonight’s Angels-Mariners Game Decide the AL West?

A few days ago I wrote that the Angles should dominate an American League West division that is not as strong as last season. This is based primarily on the fact that the Oakland A’s are a shadow of last year’s team, having traded away the likes of Josh Donaldson, Brandon Moss, Yoenis Cespedes, and Derek Norris, and now enter the 2015 season facing significant injuries to Coco Crisp and Sean Doolittle, and with last year’s wounded starters Jarrod Parker and A.J. Griffin not yet ready to return, and with the Texas Rangers looking worse, at least on paper, than they did last year in compiling the AL’s worse record. Seattle

was the surprise of the division last year, and they have added offensive strength with Nelson Cruz and Seth Smith. But, they will only go as far as their pitching takes them, and after solid veteran starters Felix Hernandez and Hisashi Iwakuma, it's youngsters Taijuan Walker and James Paxton that must come through and be reliable three and four performers for the Mariners to improve upon last season and play into the postseason.
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Opening Day in LA: ESPN Giveth, ESPN Taketh Away

For all of you Los Angeles baseball fans with weekday (or at least opening day) television privileges, you saw ESPN begin the day by showing us the fabulous Toronto Blue Jays win over the yankees. Then, at 1:00, with no access to SportsNet LA, hundreds of thousands of Dodgers’ fans joined all of the areas’ Angels’ fans by watching the Angels’ broadcast, and were disheartened to see a Seattle victory, despite both a home run and a fabulous defensive play from reigning American League MVP, Mike Trout. Then, after that, it was back to ESPN to see what other game was on, and instead we were shown a few minutes of between game Baseball Tonight banter, but then, out of the blue, they said, for a while, until the next game, “on to Dodgers’ Stadium” and we heard the voice of Vin Scully and saw the Dodgers’ broadcast on an actual TV screen. Continue reading

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Clippers’ a Mere 31 Games Ahead of Lakers, Is That All?

In a season that may or may not be the worst ever in the long and storied history of the Minneapolis/Los Angeles Lakers, the cross-arena rival Los Angeles Clippers keep sailing along towards their greatest season ever. Last night at Staples, the game was thoroughly embarrassing for the Lakers, and continued well-deserved payback for years and years of ridicule they mercilessly heaped upon the Clippers and their fans. Last night was so bad

for the Lakers that they needed someone named Dwight Buycks to hit a pair of threes in the final couple of minutes to avoid their lowest full-game point total EVER.

Buycks, signed to a 10-day contract this past week, was appearing in his second game as a member of the Lakers, after a long and storied 14-game career in Toronto last season, during which he hit on 31% of his shots. He's
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Padres Steal Opening Day Thunder

On an opening day that saw Chicago Cubs’ fans brought back to earth a bit, it was the team that really is the most improved over last season, the San Diego Padres, that stole the headlines with a deal that made themselves a significantly better team than they were just a day earlier. In a deal with the Atlanta Braves, the Padres sent a top prospect, a second

minor leaguer, and two irrelevant fringe players across the country to the Braves for another irrelevant fringe player AND perhaps baseball's best closer, perennial all-star Craig Kimbrel.

The 26-year-old Kimbrel has led or tied for the major league lead in saves in each of his four full years in the majors with totals of
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46, 42, 50 and 47, has recorded the most saves of any pitcher over the last four seasons, Continue reading

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MLB’s Absurd Security Theater and the Dodgers’ Parking Ripoff

With the new baseball season about to get underway, there are a couple of major changes looming, one affecting fans throughout the major leagues, and another just for Los Angeles Dodgers’ fans.

It may have been on your minds for a year now or you may have forgotten all about it, or maybe you never ever heard about it, but last year Major League Baseball began experimenting with metal detectors at various games, and “suggested” to the 30 teams that having them at their stadiums would be a good idea. Well, that suggestion became an

order, and for the new season and into the future, EVERY MLB stadium is required to have fans pass through a metal detection device, upon entry. The device can either be a walk-through airport type structure or a hand held wand that a uniformed mercenary will wave across your body, from foot to face. Fans will
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