Jered Weaver Demise a Bit Premature?

Facing the high-flying, hard-hitting, first-place Houston Astros tonight, Jered Weaver silenced critics who felt perhaps his time as a front line starter may had come to an end. Entering the game with a 0-4 record, an embarrassing 6.29 ERA, and a fastball several MPH off from last season, Weaver was masterful tonight, pitching a complete game, six-hit shutout, walking none and fanning six. No Astros’ runner made it as far as second

base in the game, and his fastball hit a high of 89, a good five to seven MPH faster than the best that he had been recording over his first six starts.

As I wrote just a few day ago, the Angels have missed opportunities this young season because of pitching and catching deficiencies, but with the arrival of rookie catcher Carlos Perez, better performances from set-up guy Joe Smith, and tonight's outstanding game from Weaver, the ship seems to be righting itself. Unfortunately,
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Clippers Need a Little Fairness and Impartiality

A lot of the talk that has been circulating since Wednesday’s Clippers’ loss to the officials, uh, excuse me, to the Rockets, has been about what really was responsible for the Rockets’ win. Did Houston just outplay the Clippers? Did Houston win the game when it was determined that Chris Paul would not play? Did

Houston win the game years ago when current television contracts were negotiated providing million-dollar-per-game profits for each additional playoff game? Actually, no, the game was decided in a single moment, early in the game: The Houston Rockets won game two two-and-one-half minuted into the game, when referees ignored Deee-Wight Howard pushing DeAndre Jordan in the back, forcing him into Trevor Ariza, calling a personal foul not on
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Howard, but rather on Jordan, his second of the game, which forced him to the bench. Continue reading

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Clippers Need to Want to Win This One

Following the Clippers’ amazing win Monday in Houston, local commentators have been saying that the Clippers are satisfied to have won the opener on the road and that tonight’s game really doesn’t matter, that losing does not hurt them, after getting that one road win to open the series.

This is beyond ridiculous!

Granted, it is the right move that the injured Chris Paul does sit out a second game, but not because the Clippers are throwing in the towel. The Clippers have shown two things: 1) The Houston Rockets are far from invincible, and 3) The Clippers CAN beat them, and even without Paul.
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Pitching and Catching and the Angels Slow Start

The Angels’ slow start this season can be directly traced to two vital elements of the team, pitching and catching, but within those elements, the specific individuals who have failed to produce are significant surprises. While the Angels began the season with some question marks on the pitching staff, they figured that two names that they could rely on were veteran ace Jered Weaver and set-up man Joe Smith. As to catching, while depth was

a significant concern, they did begin the year with veteran Chris Iannetta returning for his fourth season as the starter, providing good defense and occasional power. Over the first month of the season, these three have all failed to produce as expected, and as the season is unfolding with the other anticipated AL Western Division contenders all having poor starts, the Angels have missed a major opportunity to gain an advantage over them.
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The Clippers: REAL Basketball Players and Not Pretenders?

NBA playoff time is when real basketball players show how great they are, and the pretenders quickly fall by the wayside. Some young, talented players may provide less than overwhelming performances, but if they are as good as advertised, they come back again and again, and either prove or disprove their true talent.

The NBA regular season is a joke, especially in the decrepit, moribund Eastern Conference, where talentless teams steamroll to great-looking won-lost records built against minor-league quality competitors, and absolutely awful teams make the post season. I wrote a lot earlier in the NBA season about the team of untalented pretenders in Toronto, and boy, did I get flamed on and elsewhere. "Our Raptors are GREAT!" they exclaimed, "How Dare You say
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Three News Items Twenty Years From Today: May, 2035

Early this morning just after midnight, and after 12 long years on death row, former boxing great Floyd Mayweather was executed, for the murder of the last in a long line of women that he used as punching bags in between his prizefights. Mayweather, who died destitute despite earning well over $1 Billion in income over his boxing career, had a long series of convictions for domestic assault, but he received one advantageous plea bargain or sentencing after another, keeping him out of prison, as boxing boards across the country continued to ignore his criminal behavior, granting him licenses without question, allowing him to continue to rake in hundreds of millions of dollars, until that final episode where his victim expired from her injuries. Mayweather remained unapologetic to the end, never once admitting he had done anything wrong.

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Do Games Against Arizona Actually Count in the Standings?

The Dodgers enjoyed their second consecutive off day yesterday, and they decided to spend some of their leisure time playing a pick-up game against a bunch of semi-pro washout guys. Those guys did have some nice looking jerseys, through, colorful and with a snake-in-the-grass theme. Apparently, the National League has decided to count the game

in the standings, and all the stats from the game count, too (or is that Count, Dracula?).

That's nice for Joc Pederson, Carlos Frias, Andre Ethier and Scott Van Slyke, and not so good for the Dodgers' own semi-pro washout, Yasmani Grandal, who on yet another Oh-For (this time oh-for-three) has now seen his average drop to .179. But for Joc, yesterday will be an off-day he'll never forget, as he hit his first-ever major league grand slam, giving the
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Boxing is a Societal Issue, Not a Sport

It’s been years since the alleged “Sport” of boxing has been as talked about and as newsworthy as it has been for the past few weeks, since the setting of the long-awaited bout between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. In today’s society of haves and have nots, with a disappearing middle class and extremes of wealth and privilege and lack of wealth or privilege at spectrum’s ends, and with a society where a sizable segment of political and religious leaders strongly believe that the first, last and only solution to

political problems is the taking up of arms, it is not surprising that the ancient activity of an audience of millions rejoicing as two human beings do the best they can to injure each other as seriously as possible has not yet withered and died away as a spectator sport, as it surely should have.
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Will Carl Crawford Injury Mean Alex Guerrero in Left Field?

In last night’s Dodgers’ game, left fielder Carl Crawford, the Dodgers’ outfielder who SHOULD have been traded rather than 2015 National League MVP Matt Kemp, suffered an injured oblique, and while updates today have been few and far between, according to the LA Times, he is likely to hit the DL and miss up to a month. Could this mean the end of the absurd talk of replacing solid third baseman Juan Uribe with Alex Guerrero, with

instead, Guerrero getting a left field tryout? Sounds very likely, and it could well begin in tonight's game against the Giants.

Fans and critics alike have called for Uribe's benching in favor of the hot hitting Guerrero, totally disdaining Guerrero lack of ability to play infield in the major leagues. Fodder for their position includes what they see as a nifty play at third he did turn in when he played their on Sunday. Granted, he made a nice
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Highlight of Dodgers’ Loss: Scott Baker Not Terrible

Despite allowing home runs to Alexi Amarista and Derek Norris, the LA Dodgers’ newest starter, 33-year-old veteran Scott Baker, was not terrible, and certainly earned more opportunities on a starting staff ravaged by horrible personal decisions and mounting injuries. On a staff molded together with duct tape and spit that now includes two stars and a whole bunch of “Who? I though injuries ended his career years ago?” type names, Baker pitched as well as anyone not named Greinke has for the team so far this season.

Other big news items from today include the fact that Alex Guerrero started at third base, collected a single and hit his fifth home run in only 22 at bats, and that more importantly, he did not commit an error at third base. Without access to broadcasts of Dodgers' games - THANK YOU Time Warner, SportsNet LA and the Los Angeles Dodgers - I cannot comment on how he actually looked out there, but stats show that he had three balls hit to him at third, and that apparently he
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Dodgers Tee Off on Scumbag Kennedy, But Lose McCarthy

In earlier posts discussing how vastly improved are the 2015 San Diego Padres, I mentioned their outstanding starting staff that features a strong group of talented young hurlers, plus their one Achilles heel, baseball’s number one headhunter, that miserable trojan scum ian kennedy, who after three weeks of leisure time made his second start of the season tonight. Showing off every aspect of his inferior ability and sub-standard,

sociopathic character, the Dodgers whacked him up, down, and sideways, for eight earned runs in 4-1/3 inning. Kennedy now sports a 10.80 ERA for the season.

The Dodgers needed all those runs, plus the three they scored against the Padres' bullpen, as Dodgers' starter Brandon McCarthy was pretty bad himself, allowing six runs, all earned, in five innings. McCarthy left the game not because he
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New Era Set to Start for UCLA Bruins’ Sports Broadcasts

Three decades ago, I used to listen to Ken Minyard and Bob Arthur on KABC radio’s Ken and Bob Company weekday morning show. The show, basically news, features, and comedy, included a few sports news breaks and commentary, reported by a sports reporter who seemed to possess neither an adequate knowledge of any of the sports upon which he reported, nor the smooth, fluent speech of a competent, professional announcer. Also at that time, UCLA basketball and football featured the great voice and competent descriptions of play-by-play announcer John Rebenstorf.

Unfortunately, Rebenstorf suffered from extremely serious heart problems, and had suffered two heart attacks, the first at the young age of 28. In 1992, Rebenstorf had his second heart bypass surgery, but a day later, on August 10, he went into cardiac arrest and died at the age of 41. With the UCLA football season set to begin shortly thereafter, the athletic department scrambled to find a replacement for play-by-play duties. They reached out to that KABC radio reporter, and hired him for the job. That guy was
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Chris Roberts, and for the next 23 seasons, he polluted the Southern California airwaves with a less than second-rate product, Continue reading

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