Corrupt NFL Is the REAL Bad Guy in Meaningless “Scandal”

First and foremost, what the hell is the big deal? Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t BOTH team play with the same balls in that first half? And, didn’t the poor, victimized Indianapolis Colts play a significantly better and closer first half with those evil under-deflated balls than they did in the second half, with real, NFL-inflated balls? I mean, it was 17-7 at half time before the Colts were outscored, with regulation balls inflated to Rog Goodell’s favorite psi, 28 to ZERO in the second half. How could anyone say that the Colts suffered any possible consequences because of playing with balls that could aide their offense?

But the real scandals are what the NFL did leading up to the game, and during the game, not to mention the relative way that the league handles “cheaters”, real and imagined. Continue reading

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So Long, Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks

Ernie Banks died today at the age of 83. When I first began following baseball as a compulsion during the late 1950s, when the Dodgers moved west to Los Angeles, Ernie was the best player in the National League, even better, I thought, than Willie Mays, whose performance was tarnished in my mind because he played for the hated Giants. But Banks was then the only power-hitting shortstop in baseball, hitting 40 homers seemingly every season, and driving in over 100 runs every year as well. Eventually he was to move to first base, but not until he had won two consecutive National League MVP awards. Continue reading

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Catching Up on the Lakers

Boy, go out of town for a week, and you can miss a lot. Let’s see, have the Lakers’ been in the news?

OK, the vacationing millionaire will now have the next ten months off, with his torn rotator cuff. I sure hope that is not his counting arm or the one he uses to lift his pina coladas. Not being able to play basketball once a week is bad enough, but imagine Kobe not being able to count any of his $23 million for ten months or to have to hire yet another servant to lift those heavy cocktails up to his lips.

On to the important stuff, but first a look back in basketball history. Continue reading

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$23 Million Only Buys the Lakers 16% Shooting

The vacationing millionaire showed up for work tonight, and the full-strength Lakers combined with Miami to put on one of the most horrid displays of supposedly “professional” basketball ever seen in the long and sometime dubious history of the NBA. In a game where the teams combined to shoot 36% on 62-of-170, including an utterly amazing 15% (six-of-39) on three point attempts, the Lakers missed their first 11 shots, and began the game trailing 18-0, and it never got much better. Fresh off a delicious batch of pina coladas enjoyed while counting his $23 million, Kobe took seven shots in the last two-and-one-half minutes of the game, making two of them to finish three-of-19 (16%) for the game, but he was not much worse than ronnie price who stopped shooting after going oh-for-four, or the former trojan horse thief nick young, who managed, somehow, to hit two of his 11 shot attempts. Joining the party were also Carlos Boozer at one-of-eight, and Wesley Johnson, who was three-of-13. All in all, a great evening for Byron Scott’s favorite players. Continue reading

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Kobe’s Latest Vacation Ends, Rumored to Be At Work Tonight

Rumors are rampant across the SoCal basketball world that the vacationing millionaire is back from his latest respite and just might show up for work at Staples Center tonight. Having been busy sipping Pina Coladas and counting his $23 million while the team whose ownership signs his paychecks was losing to Portland on Sunday, as he was the prior Monday when they also lost to Portland, Kobe Bryant should be rested and ready to run up and down the court tonight, for at least 30 minutes. Maybe. Continue reading

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Tough Work Week for Lakers’ Vacationing Millionaire

It sure has been a tough work week for the Lakers’ vacationing millionaire. He had to stop laboring on the arduous count of his $23 million season’s salary to play in last Sunday’s game against Indiana, but then resumed his vacation, and count, by sitting out Monday’s trip to play the Trailblazers in Portland. After he had two off days to recoup from those 32 minutes he played Sunday, he again saw playing time on Wednesday, 28-minutes worth, in the team’s blow-out loss to the Clippers. I seem to remember a master plan that it would be back-to-back games that Kobe was to sit out, but as best I remember the Lakers did not play yesterday, so he had yet another off-day yesterday, and presumably caught up on his counting and should have been ready to go tonight, at home, against the far from scary Orlando Magic. Continue reading

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Curt Schilling Says He Was Denied HOF Because of Politics

Curt Schilling had an erratic major league career that saw him pitch for five major league team, winning more than 20 games in three different seasons, but also compiling season records such as 2-8, 9-10, 11-12, and 8-9. He shined in the post-season, though, with an 11-2 won-lost record and 2.23 ERA, and appeared in four World Series, on the winning side with Arizona and twice in Boston. He has also been a rarity among professional athletes who generally refrain from making their political views known so as not to alienate any large group in order to be able to cash in on endorsements. Schilling has been an outspoken political pundit, even publicly discussing the possibility of running for office, and never refraining from expressing nor tempering his extreme right wing, reactionary views. Continue reading

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Following Unimpressive Win, Some of the Lakers Travel to Portland

For one of the very few times this season, the vacationing millionaire Kobe Bryant turned the clock back and came through when the Lakers needed him, scoring the game-winning basket, and the team’s last nine points, despite going only two-of-four for the entire fourth quarter, in an improbable and close win over the very bad Indiana Pacers. The Lakers trailed by three with two-and-one-half minutes to go in the game when Kobe began his streak with a couple of free throws, and eventually put in the final basket of the game from four feet out with 12 seconds left.

For the game, the Lakers had yet again a terrible shooting night, hitting a miserable 38%, but they were playing the equally bad Pacers, who, not to be undone, shot their own 36.7%. Continue reading

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The Millionaire Vacationer Returns, But Lakers Still Lose

There are several NBA head coaches who had professional careers playing the guard position, including Lakers’ head man Byron Scott. But none have taken their personal feelings for everything good about the position to heart as much as Phoenix Suns’ coach Jeff Hornacek. The Iowa St. grad who played 15 seasons in the NBA, scoring over 15,000 points, has recently re-cast the traditional basketball lineup of one center, two forwards, and two guards, into something different, with great success. The Suns are currently on a six-game winning streak, and that success can be directly connected to Hornacek’s now oft-used lineup of not just three guards, but of three point guards. Continue reading

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The Millionaire Vacationer Set to Return to the Lakers’ Lineup

Fresh from a lovely week of sun and surf and skiing and sightseeing, the Lakers’ 23-million-dollar-a-year-man, it is rumored, has concluded his early-season vacation, and will make an appearance in uniform tonight, and could rack up some NBA game minutes. The Lakers are at home against Phoenix tonight, and the last time that one Kobe Bean Bryant faced the Suns, it was a one-millionaire show. Kobe played 44 minutes, 1.22 minutes per year of his life, and took 37 shots, 1.03 per year of his life, scoring a game-high 39. He even passed off for one assist. But, alas, HIS Lakers went down to defeat, losing to the visitors 112 to 106. This did represent a slightly different approach on the part of the millionaire vacationer, as a few days earlier, playing in Phoenix, he took only 25 shots, still scoring 31 in 28 minutes on the court, but that strategy did not work, either, as HIS Lakers lost by an even bigger margin, 119 to 99. Continue reading

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Clippers to Face Over-Achieving Raptors This Afternoon

Fresh off a relatively easy win against the Golden State Warriors, who despite dropping their last two still boast the NBA’s best record, the Clippers today face the pretenders to the top spot in the embarrassingly bad NBA Eastern Conference, the Toronto Raptors. Toronto is coming off a bad loss against the Bulls, who with a rejuvenated Derrick Rose have won their last five and who will soon climb to the top of that moribund bunch of bad, bad teams. In fact, the Western Conferences’s Southwest Division, comprised of a grand total of five team boasts as many teams over .500 as the entire 15-team Eastern Conference. Continue reading

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Dirk, Monta, Not as Sick as the Lakers

With stars Dirk Nowitzki and Monta Ellis battling illness, bedazzling newcomer Rajon Rondo easily led the Dallas Mavericks to a win tonight against the moribund LA Lakers, who once again combined the worst defense seen in the NBA in many years with sub-40% shooting.

Rondo, an eight-year veteran at the young age of 28, averaged only 8.3 points per game, along with 10.8 assists and 7.5 rebounds, while with Boston, has now put in 13.3 points per game for the Mavs after hitting his season high 21 against the Lakers. Continue reading

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