The Lore of the Best NFL Receivers – Then and Now

Jerry Rice is generally considered to be the greatest receiver in the history of the NFL. Sure. He has all those great numbers that back it up, and he played for what seems like six or seven decades, with great teams and with fabulous quarterbacks throwing to him, and all the hype makes it seem like a clear, unquestioned case for his his being number one. But he isn’t. I’ve been watching football for well over 50 years, and there has never been a

receiver to equal the all time best ever, former San Diego Charger’s flanker, Lance Alworth.

What he did on the football field was never seen before or since (until now?), with one miraculous catch after another. And he needed to make spectacular catches, because he NEVER had a star quarterback throwing to him and almost no ball ever coming his way was ever
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accurately thrown or an “easy” catch. Continue reading

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MLB 2015, Ce finis

Congrats to the Kansas City Royals for a well-earned and well-deserved World Championship, and most of all for showing the baseball world how to do it right. $300 million dollar payroll and marque name empty uniform non-manager? A resounding NO! Hard-working, super-intelligent players, most of whom came up together through a dynamite farm system, learning as they progressed though the organization? Absolutely. By the way, that IS how the Dodgers also USE to do it.

With the Series now over, hopefully the Dodgers will be announcing their new manager momentarily, and the job of re-building a disaster of a pitching staff can begin, along with the hope that two key now free-agents can possibly be resigned. Zach Greinke is a real long

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shot to be back with the team, and the reality that with what he wants and at his age, as great as he is, any team would be crazy to get on the hook to pay him $25 Million or more for five or six years. But the Dodgers should try their best to re-sign Howie Kendrick, who was magnificent this past season.
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2016 Lakers: The Wrong Roster, the Wrong Coach

It’s no surprise that both at halftime and after Friday nights embarrassing loss to Sacramento, that Lakers’ coach Byron Scott had many choice words for his team. Some of those words included Scott’s saying that ”I told my team they had to be ready when the game starts, but they weren’t ready,”

In Scott’s second season as the team’s head coach and with, again, a totally revamped roster from the prior season, just whose fault is it that the Lakers’ continue to be a horrendous defensive team, letting opposing players practically score at will, and generally

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dominate the boards? Sure Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak are the most responsible for who is in the purple and gold, but Scott has input in that, and all the say so in actually coaching that group, and in getting them ready to play. A team not ready when the buzzer sounds is 100% the coach’s responsibility. Period.

Granted, the Lakers are still (and likely will continue to be for several seasons to come) in a
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Scott’s Take on Russell Reveals His Own Inadequacies

D’Angelo Russell’s first game in the NBA was an absolute disaster, with the 19-year-old looking like he should be on a junior college team and not in a Lakers’ uniform hauling down millions of dollars. Russell’s debut performance produced a grand total of four points, on two-of-seven shooting, including zero-of-three from behind the arc. In 26 embarrassing minutes on the court, the second pick in the 2015 draft added three rebounds and two assists, but also committed three turnovers and three fouls. So, what is coach Byron Scott’s response to all this? Give Russell a bigger role stating tonight!

First of all, if Scott now feels, as he is saying, that Russell should have the ball a lot more, i.e., be THE point guard, and not Jordan Clarkson, then why say that after the first game, wherein the smallest of tweak could have turned a one-point loss into a win, and second what could Russell have possible have shown and what could Scott have possibly have seen, that would want to give the rookie more court time and more responsibility, as
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opposed to a more low-key, watch approach? Continue reading

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“New Look” Lakers Could Exceed Last Year’s Awful Record

Gone are Jordan Hill and Carlos Boozer, gone are Jeremy Lin and Wayne Ellington, gone are Ed Davis and Xavier Henry, gone are Wesley Johnson and Jabari Brown, and gone is the NBA’s worst, least talented player, Ronnie Price. Now in Lakers’ colors are the returning injured, Kobe Bryant and Julius Randle, new young hopefuls D’Angelo Russell, Larry Nance, Jr. and Anthony Brown, elderly import Marcelo Huertas, long-time NBA veterans Roy Hibbart, Brandon Bass, and Lou Williams, and in a disgusting return to the

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team, shutting out a worthy younger, talented player, is the psycho thug who should still be in prison for his on-court past criminal behavior, the disgusting psycho artest meta thing.

Put that all together with the other returnees and mediocre coach Byron Scott, and you have a 2015-2016 Lakers’ team that should exceed last year’s all-time worst franchise record of 21-61, .256, and could win as many as 30 games. Maybe.
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Happy Days Are Here Again!

Note: I have been away from blogging, here and on other blogs, due to the bulk of my time being taken up by a four-month-long major project, that is now behind me. My absence here had nothing to do with blogging, sports, or anything other than my total lack of available time to research, write and post.


Yes, indeed, Happy Day are Here Again – the Wicked Witch is DEAD!

Gone, gone from our our minds, gone from our souls, gone from our team – the empty uniform non-manager is GONE!

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The Special Olympics’ World Games in Los Angeles

West Covina Host City for Team NipponAfter much anticipation and more than a year’s worth of preparation, the 14th Special Olympics World Games opened this weekend in Los Angeles. The Opening Ceremonies were yesterday at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, and the full slate of competition has been ongoing since.

Our city of West Covina, CA is proud to be the Host City for Team Nippon, and the past week saw a wide array of activities, from the Torch Run passing through the city, to luncheons, dinners, speeches, dances, and more.

In total, over 6,500 athletes and 2,000 coaches representing 165 countries from around the world are here competing in sports that include gymnastics, basketball, track and field, soccer, softball, sailing, tennis, and many more. Los Angeles is the first United States host Continue reading

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Brandon Beachy Will Try to Write Tommy John History

Stuff”>Dodgers’ brain trust went out with their silver platter overflowing with cash and handed out millions upon millions upon millions of dollars to every historically injured pitcher they could uncover, the guy with the least chance of ever earning his new Dodgers’ bounty but with the biggest possible upside

should he actually be healthy enough to pitch for an extended period - like several full seasons, maybe - was Brandon Beachy.

Through his short tenure of toiling with the Atlanta Braves, Beachy showed that he had the savvy and control, if not the overpowering stuff (low-90s fastball topping out at 94, slow curve and change and occasional slider) to be a consistent winner in the bigs, and for a short time
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Clippers Sizzle While Lakers Snore

The NBA off-season dance has been fascinating to watch as Cleveland and San Antonio stand out for their quick and aggressive actions and as the forest of tall tress of big men fall fast and furious, one after another. As far as Los Angeles NBA fans are concerned, the Clippers have been outstanding and innovative, while the Lakers have let incompetency and seeming narcolepsy take over as they have failed miserably to improve. While the

Clippers refused to take no for an answer and astounded the basketball world, the current Lakers’ management has been an embarrassment to the storied franchise and the legacy of Robert Short, Jerry Buss and Jerry West, who had a then magic name to sell that sold itself to star players.

The Lakers went into the draft believing that they needed to take a potential star guard with their first round number two pick, thinking that their bigger needs up front would be fixed with the signing of any one, or two, of the many established
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All-Star Ballot Stuffing Not New and Cannot Be Tolerated

Kansas City Royals’ fans have made a mockery of this year’s major league baseball All-Star team voting, and Commissioner of Baseball Rob Manfred needs to look to the past and act for now and for the future. Fans may think this is something unusual, but it is not a unique occurrence, and when it happened in the past, swift action by then Commissioner Ford Frick helped protect not just the integrity of the game, but also served to provide deserving players their spots in the All-Star game.

Traditionally, the fans voted for All-Star team rosters, and the system in place back then worked well, until 1957, when fans of the Cincinnati Reds (actually, then the Cincinnati Redlegs, but that is a whole other story*), through a scheme engineered by the Cincinnati Enquirer, cast over one-half of the total ballots, and managed to elect seven of their
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Last Night’s Dodgers’ Game Raises Lots of Questions

Last night was game four of the 2015 major league season for those of us who now have been granted divine access to SportsNet LA and Los Angeles Dodgers’ games, through the magnanimous gesture of Charter Cable’s public relations and legal departments, who realized that by doing do would provided ten-fold benefits in reducing public opposition to yet another merger of media giants, further concentrating power and wealth in an

ever-decreasing select few.

As to the game itself, it was more evidence, as I have described for months beginning last fall when the structure of the 2015 Dodgers began to take shape, that major mistakes were being made, mistakes that have been masked by the fact that the Dodgers are in a weak division where the only other
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two contenders each got off to slow starts. Continue reading

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LeBron, the Warriors, and Media Prejudice in Los Angeles

Years ago I wrote a lot of critical stuff about LeBron James. He has proven me wrong and today he clearly is basketball’s best player, and among the all time elite, perhaps on the way to ending his career as the best of all time. His numbers in this year’s NBA finals are astounding, averaging over 40 points and a triple-double per game, but the numbers do

not even do him justice - his play has been even better than that.

His Cavaliers are up two games to one against the deep and powerful Warriors, despite the current injury-riddled squad having not a single additional established, front-line player. If James can lead Cleveland to the NBA title, it will be an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime result.

The closest comparison I can think of would be
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